About Me

You can download my CV here

I received my BSc in Computer Science and Cognitive and Brain Sciences from Tufts University, where I focused in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I then worked at Jibo Inc. and Cogito Corp. as a software engineer and manager.

I received my masters in Research Methods in Psychological Sciences from the University of Glasgow in September 2019.

Currently, I am studying for my PhD in Computer Science under the supervision of Stacy Marsella and Mary Ellen Foster at University of Glasgow. I use a combination of psychological experimental methods, machine learning, and user evaluation studies to understand the cognitive processes behind gesture. My thesis is in building a generative model for semantically meaningful social gesture for artificial agents.

Some of my other passions include Outdoor Preservation, Triathalons, Project Management, STEAM Engagement, Social Activism, and Climate and Racial Justice. I am an active volunteer with DataKind UK and STEM Ambassadors.