Public Speaking Events

Presentation / WECode

Abstraction and API Design

How do you design an API for a programmer? Too little control, and your audience is frustrated by a lack of power. Too much detail required, and your developers can no longer keep track of everything to specify. How do you strike a balance between power and specificity to write the most useful library?

Presentation / Women in Technology Conference

Imposter Syndrome

There’s earnest self-improvement and criticism, and then there’s crippling self-doubt. Learn techniques to differentiate between subtlties of the two, and identify self-sabotaging behaviors you can mitigate to reach your highest potential.

Workshop / SXSW

Social Robotics Workshop

What is a social robot? What applications are social robots uniquely suited for, and how can we design interactions that are useful, and socially fulfilling?

Presentation / Lesbians Who Tech

"Alexa, Read the Room."

Emotions govern so much of human behavior – why are voice agents taking so long to catch up? What does the future of an emotional voice interface look like, and how will the ability to perceive and express emotions influence the development of voice interfaces in the future?

Presentation / Boston ML Meetup

Human-Computer Interfaces

It’s 2016, and humans don’t give instructions through terminals anymore. The future of interfaces is social. Natural language understanding, conversational dialogs, and subtle social cues are the new instruction set – what challenges exist in the vast field of HCI, and how can current machine learning techniques address them?

Workshop / MLHacks

Technical Workshop and Judge

Technical Workshop on Jibo API: Quickstart

  • Getting Started
  • Making Animations
  • Controlling Application Flow
  • Taking Advantage of Native Infrastructure
  • Connecting to the Outside World
  • Testing Your App