About Me

You can download my CV here

I received my BSc in Computer Science and Cognitive and Brain Sciences from Tufts University in May 2015, where I focused in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Afterwards, I spent three years as a Software Engineer and Manager at Jibo Inc. (social robotics) and Cogito Corp. (emotional AI).

Currently, I am studying for my Msc in Research Methods for Psychological Sciences, with intention to continue to doctoral studies under the supervision of Dr. Stacy Marsella and Dr. Philippe Schyns.

My current work is creating a generative gesture system for virtual humans to study how gesture can help virtual and robotic agents better communicate with humans, and instill trust during human-agent interactions. At the same time, I am using combined MEG and fMRI imaging to determine how our brain integrates features of motion in visual perception to make judgements about the communicative meaning of these gestures. In this sense, I hope to make both a “bottom-up” neurological and a “top-down” behavioral analysis of gestural communication to obtain a fuller picture of human-agent communication.

Generally, I am interested in building and evaluating computational tools to understand the role emotion plays in communication, both between humans, and between humans and machines. I am additionally interested in functional cognitive architectures, and novel machine learning techniques which are not “black box,” but which instead mimic the brain’s biological infrastructure and abilities.